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FACT: According to a study released by TheLadders, recruiters spend an average of 6 SECONDS reviewing an individual resume. So you better stand out! 

That's where we can help! Let us help you express your career history on your resume. So you are guaranteed to make it past the first 6 seconds! 


Who We Are

Like a lot of you reading this right now, I too have experienced applying for hundreds of jobs and not receiving one call back. It is a debilitating experience that results in wasted time. It wasn't until I worked in recruitment myself that I was finally able to Crack the Code.

I can teach you tips for applying for jobs on different networks (Indeed, LinkedIn, Kijiji, Workopolis etc.), the power of LinkedIn, and so much more! I also have developed a large network of HR professionals that you can connect with to gain knowledge about specific jobs and industries. 

Connect with REAL HR Professionals that can screen your resume and interview you to gain REAL insight into the recruitment process and why your resume isn't serving you to its HIGHEST POTENTIAL. 


I'm here to give you all of the answers I have learned to help get you in to your next position - Fast!  

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  • Professional Resume Writing

  • Personalized Cover Letters

  • Customized Interview Preparation

  • Job Search Assistance

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization 



We specialize in helping entry level to mid career clients find jobs in all industries. When you pick which package is right for you, we will send you a questionnaire and ask for the information needed to ensure your application to future job ad's is serving you to it's highest potential. 



We work with clients in all geographic locations. All of our services are performed remotely. We communicate with our clients via phone and email, based on each client's communication preference. All of our writers are based in Canada.

Contact us to get all your questions answered. 


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