Our Mission 

Let us teach you why applying to multiple jobs with the same resume isn't getting you the results you are seeking. The key to our business is adapting your resume strategically to each job to ensure your highest potential of receiving an interview! 

And not only will we upgrade your resume, but we also can help prep you for the interviews - since you'll be getting a lot more invites! We can zoom or simply email you some practice interview questions, and show you how to answer each question in the interview. You'll be prepped and ready to ace your interview!

Our Services

Resume Review
Our HR professionals tailor your resume to a specific job advertisement. If you don't have a job ad, don't worry, we will help you find one! Tailoring your resume will significantly increase your chances of receiving an interview and moving into the step stage of recruitment! You can also use this resume for other similar job postings. Contact us to get started!  


Cover Letter
You can have a cover letter ready to use!! Contact us to have a finished and professional cover letter ready to submit with your next application. If you purchase the cover letter package, we will write your cover letter for you. 

Interview Preparation
Our HR professionals can help prep you for the interview by giving you questions you can expect to be asked in your interview! We can send you the questions by email or we can do a mock interview over Zoom. So no more stressing over interviews because you'll be prepped and be ready to give amazing answers! Practice makes perfect - so lets get prepping! 

Job Search - 1 Month
We will sift through recruiting websites, company websites, and other networks (our network, LinkedIn etc.) to match you with the most relevant active positions being recruited to. For 1 month we will email you weekly all of the job postings that best match your job search criteria.  

Our Process

1. You email us your resume and the job you want to apply to.
2. We review and send you a draft of your new resume, along with any questions we have. 
3. You review and we make edits as necessary. 
4. Done - you can start submitting your resume to jobs! 

 Our turnaround time is usually 5-7 business days. Please email us if you need a rush or if your wanting a more accurate response rate.