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        Our Process

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        1. You submit resume and the job you want to apply to.

        2. We review and send you a draft of your resume, along with any questions we have. 

        3. You review and we make edits as nesseccary. 

        4. Done - you can start submitting your resume to jobs! 

        Our turnaround time is usually 5-7 business days.

        Please call us if you need a rush or if your wanting a more accurate response rate. 


        We take pride in helping our customers. Not only will we help get your resume and cover letter in tip top shape, we will also connect you with our network of HR staff and clients who have access and knowledge of multiple job opportunities across various industries. You will get full access to our network of people who want to connect with likeminded individuals like yourself!



        Catherine, Admin

        "I was putting off applying for jobs for so long because I knew my resume was weak. Now it looks amazing and I can't wait to start applying for jobs with it!"

        Johnathan, Sales Manager

        "The interview preparation was incredibly helpful, I felt 100% more confident going into the interview because I knew questions they were going to ask - and boy was I ready to answer them!" 

        Lauren, Technician 

        "I've had my resume reviewed before and paid over $400 to get a writer to do it. However when I was applying I still wasn't getting any interviews. Mercedez's tips she gave after writing my resume were key in getting me into more interviews! Thank you."